Pure Sugar

This is a Vegetarian product. Made from superior quality sugarcane Refined, sparkling white and easy to dissolve sugar crystals Sulphur-free refining process ensures our sugar is healthy for consumption
Rs. 22.00 Rs. 23.00

Tata Salt 1Kg

  This is a Vegetarian product. Vacuum evaporated iodised salt Lodine helps in mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults Tata salt has ventured into new product segments to meet the changing needs...
Rs. 28.00 Rs. 30.00

Gur - Jaggery

  Pure & Organic Products! Best quality Gur in Muzaffarpur!
Rs. 18.00 Rs. 20.00

Mishri (rock sugar)

  This is a Vegetarian product. Excellent source of vital nutrients. Mishri dana is a part of our culture fasting and feasting rituals Misri (candy sugar or rock sugar) is made from the solution of sugarcane (ganna)...
Rs. 8.00 Rs. 8.00

Tata Salt Lite, 1kg

  This is a Vegetarian Product: Free flowing salt Specially formulated to provide 15% less sodium than ordinary salt Refined, Iodized and Potassium enriched Manages blood pressure pure vegetarian  
Rs. 39.00 Rs. 40.00

Sankh's Black Salt

  This is a Vegetarian product. Good for digestion Have ayurvedic medicinal properties Add flavour to food
Rs. 9.00 Rs. 10.00

Rock salt,500GM

  This is a Vegetarian product. Made from finest quality organically and ethically sourced pink salt  Pink salt powder is great for detoxing your body it helps lower blood pressure and is iron-rich, thus great for everyday...
Rs. 25.00 Rs. 50.00

Puro Healthy Salt, 1kg

  This is a Vegetarian Product: Ancient wisdom -charaka samhita, the most authentic ayurvedic literature, recommends this pink salt for it's several benefits including improving digestion, eyesight and overall well-being Health- recommended by doctors and nutritionists,...
Rs. 109.00 Rs. 110.00

Catch Sprinklers Black Salt...

  Ground rock salt or kala namak is known to add taste to fruit chats It is used to add flavor in some of the chats Retain the original aroma Country of Origin: India
Rs. 44.00 Rs. 45.00

Sugarlite 50% Less calories...

  This is a Vegetarian product. About this item Sugarlite Smart Sugar is a unique blend of sugar and 100% Natural Stevia It provides 100% sweetness of sugar with 50% less calories Sugarlite Smart Sugar is an...
Rs. 77.00 Rs. 99.00

Sugar Free Gold

  Sugar Free Gold is a healthy alternative to sugar. Made with Aspartame, a protein derivative, Sugar Free Gold is a low-calorie substitute with the sweetness and taste of sugar. It is an ideal substitute...
Rs. 64.00 Rs. 65.00

Catch Sprinklers Chat Masal...

  This is a Vegetarian product. A blend of herbs and spices that elevates the flavor of any dish, fruits, vegetables or snacks with its tanginess. A quality product packed with minimum human interference. Aroma protected inside...
Rs. 60.00 Rs. 62.00

Dulal's Palm Candy (500g)

  This is a Vegetarian product. About this item Store in a cool and dry container Prepared from the extracts of coconut tree flowers. One of the most sought after products because of the associated health benefits...
Rs. 70.00 Rs. 72.00

Ajinomoto Salt, Chiness Salt

  This is a Vegetarian product. You may have heard some misconceptions about MSG but they are not proven scientifically. MSG is used in seasoning canned vegetables and adding meaty flavor to broths. It does not have...
Rs. 26.00 Rs. 30.00

Sugarfree Natura Low Calori...

  This is a Vegetarian product. Made with sucralose, a derivative of sugar, Sugar Free Natura tastes like sugar but has lesser calories. Sucralose is a highly heat stable compound making it preserve its sweetness...
Rs. 140.00 Rs. 145.00
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